Hearing Aid Repairs

When it comes to the voices of your loved ones, the laughter of children, or something as simple as birds chirping in the morning we know that keeping your hearing aid operating at its optimum level is of great importance you. Whether it’s a mishap or normal wear and tear the alternative of repairing the device before replacing it should always be an option. Before you throw your hearing aid in the drawer or in the trash look into some troubleshooting options that could save you time, money, and irreplaceable precious moments.

Common hearing aid repairs that can be performed at home are:

  • Replacing the battery or making sure it’s installed properly
  • Opening and closing battery door
  • Cleaning your hearing aid; make sure it’s free of wax buildup and other debris
  • Some problems maybe moisture related; gently shake to remove water and/or use a low heat or cool air blow dryer (keep at a safe distance to not overheat device)

Several types of hearing aid repairs require a professional technician but still may be significantly cheaper than a replacement:

  • Battery door repair
  • Corrosion battery compartment repair
  • Tubing replacement
  • Reprogramming
  • Ear bud replacement
  • Extensive deep cleaning

Keeping your hearing aid clean and dry, as well as regular maintenance visits will ensure that your device continues to function properly. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Lemme Audiology in Altoona, Pennsylvania at 814-941-7770.