Hearing Aid Testing and Evaluation

Experiencing hearing loss can be overwhelming and stressful. Having it treated shouldn’t be.

At Lemme Audiology Associates, we’ve been providing compassionate hearing health care to patients in Altoona and the surrounding communities in Blair County, Pennsylvania since 1993. Our goal is to improve your quality of life through better hearing. We offer extensive hearing aid evaluations and personalized solutions, in a comfortable, patient-centered environment.

When you walk through our doors, we begin your hearing aid evaluation with a consultation. We want to know about you, your hearing and medical history so that we aren’t just treating your hearing loss, we’re helping you reconnect to the parts of life you love most. We encourage you to bring a loved one with you to this appointment, as he or she may be able to provide a different perspective about your experience.

Some of the questions we’ll ask in this portion of your hearing aid evaluation include:

  • What symptoms are you experiencing? When did you begin noticing them? Do you have any buzzing, humming or ringing in your ears?
  • What activities or environments create the biggest hearing difficulties?
  • Have you been exposed to loud sounds?
  • Are you taking any prescription or over-the-counter medications?
  • Do you have a family history of hearing loss?

The next portion of your hearing aid evaluation will include tests to identify the type and severity of your hearing loss.

If the results of your hearing aid evaluation determine that hearing aids will benefit you, we will move on to a discuss regarding your needs, expectations as well as any cosmetic or budget concerns you may have.

We’ll help you choose hearing aids that will fit your lifestyle and hearing needs, based on the information we’ve learned through the different portions of your hearing aid evaluation. We work with many manufacturers and will prescribe devices with the features you want. We don’t work on commissions and won’t try to sell you products you don’t need.

At Lemme, our professional staff is here to make this process a joyful one, eliminating the limitations that your hearing loss has created in your life. Schedule your appointment today at our office in Altoona, Pennsylvania. We look forward to providing you with individualized hearing health care solutions!