Hearing Loss in the Workplace

At Lemme Audiology Associates, we’ve been providing hearing solutions to patients in Altoona and the surrounding areas since 1988, so we understand that knowledge and good communication are critical traits to be successful in the workplace. The Better Hearing Institute (BHI) encourages employers to provide hearing tests and information on overall hearing health in their wellness programs.

  • Nearly 40 million Americans suffer from hearing loss, and the majority of them are in today’s workforce.
  • More than 10% of full-time employees have an identified hearing problem.
  • Another 30 percent think they have a hearing problem but have not looked for treatment options.

Unaddressed hearing loss can:

  • affect productivity
  • affect job performance and earnings
  • lead to fatigue
  • restrict social interactions
  • make it tough to receive and interpret auditory information from computers, machines, and individuals
  • create a risk to one’s ability to hear sounds that may signal hazards in the workplace
  • increase sick leave and disconnection from work
  • weaken overall quality of life

Health risks like obesity, smoking, and diabetes can cause hearing loss which can then affect your work performance. Hearing loss is manageable with hearing aids and other devices. Most hearing aid users are satisfied with the lifestyle change that has occurred in their lives due to their hearing aids.
By including hearing health information for workplace wellness programs, as well as hearing aids as part of an employee benefit, employers can reassure workers to treat hearing loss rather than hide it.