Hearing Aid Buying Tips

Picking hearing aids doesn’t need to be difficult. But when you see all the available options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. It’s important to explore all your options, take your time, and consider the tips below.

1. Have your hearing tested
When you visit Lemme Audiology Associates in Altoona, Pennsylvania, we first want to find out if your hearing loss is due to a simple issue such as excessive earwax or infection.  Once the primary factors are ruled out, we perform a series of hearing tests identify your type of hearing loss.

2. Identify your top priorities
Do you spend your time in loud environments? Are you active? Knowing your lifestyle and top priorities help us recognize which hearing aid is best for you. It’s important to talk openly with our staff, as the features of each device differ.

3. Think about the future
Find out if the hearing aid you've chosen is capable of increased power. This way it will still be usable if your hearing loss gets worse.

4. Request a trial period
After living with hearing loss for an extended amount of time it may take a while to decide if the hearing aids you’ve chosen are right for you. It’s okay to ask to test the hearing aids we’ve recommended for you so you can make sure you’re confident with your decision.


For additional help selecting a hearing aid, or to schedule your consultation appointment, contact us at Lemme Audiology in Altoona, Pennsylvania today.