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The Effects of Hearing Loss

Did you know that even mild hearing loss, if left untreated, can increase your risk of developing cognitive impairment? Untreated moderate and severe hearing losses are even more likely to lead to dementia. Dr.

What is the best way to address hearing loss with a loved one?

     Be honest with your family members and talk to them about their hearing problems.  Family gatherings especially during the holidays involve  laughter, conversation and interaction.  Individuals with hearing loss often have a lot of difficulty following conversations and participating in the discussions.  Playing TV or radio so loudly, missed conversations, or awkward answers are some of the signs that indicate your loved one is having difficulty hearing.


Heart Health and Hearing Health Linked

     February is National Heart Month.  Most people don’t normally think about hearing health when they think about heart health; however reviews of decades of research have found that there is a correlation between cardiovascular health and hearing health. 

Spice Up Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids don't have to be boring, especially for kids. Security cords, tube charms and riders, and even fairy or dragon wings can be added.