Spice Up Your Hearing Aids

Children are more likely to wear their hearing aids if they are decorated to look more like fashion accessories than medical devices. Hearing aid decoration choices include tube twists, charms, and safety cords. The staff at Lemme Audiology Associates in Altoona PA want you to know that by making the devices personal and attractive, your little ones are more likely to be proud of the result and even want to show them off.

Security Cords

Help prevent accidental loss of expensive devices with hearing aid security cords. They come in every color imaginable. Popular cartoon characters or animals can be included on the clip portion of the cord. One end clips to the child's clothes while the other loops around the hearing aids.Visit their Etsy shop here.

Tube Twists and Charms

A young hearing aid wearer named Hayleigh Scott designed these attractive and completely customizable decorations. Her unique products inspire other children to be proud of their devices. Your children can pick their favorite colors. Visit her Etsy shop here.

Tube Riders

Clipping to BTE hearing aid tubes, these decorations come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. The hearing aid decorations are easily changeable. Because they are small, they pose a choking hazard so they are not recommended for children under three. For more information, visit the tube riders website here.

Hearing Aid Wings

This custom fairy, or dragon wing hearing aid decoration is made from thin plastic, acrylic paint and glitter to express your child's personality. They are also available undecorated so their imaginations can run wild. 

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