"Being able to hear so much better & the hearing aids was like becoming part of the world again and recovering some youth & energy at age 88. "
~ Betty Cottle

"Over the past years I found myself missing more & more of many conversations & speakers at different functions. Even my grandchildren told me it was time to get a hearing aid. I feel getting a hearing aid is one of the best steps I have taken to care for myself. I was missing so many daily sounds. I can honestly say I love my hearing aids. They are very comfortable; I have now warn them daily for three years. "
~ Anonymous

"A pleasant experience. No pressure to purchase new hearing aids. "
~ Betty C

"Everyone at Lemme Audiology is friendly, professional and caring. They truly have my best interest as their goal. They were willing to make as many adjustments as needed to ensure my aids were as comfortable as possible and my hearing is the best it can be. "
~ Tammie S

"Dr Lemme and her staff have been very helpful in addressing my hearing concerns and needs. They were confident in the testing my hearing level and assessing the level of hear assistance I needed. Also in the selection of hearing aids. The follow-up support has been great! I look forward to continuing my relationship with Dr Lemme Audiology Associates. "
~ James D