"Upon my visit to Dr Lemme's office, I was greeted by a warm friendly staff. And my appointment time was met promptly. After testing, my questions were all answered to my satisfaction, and a hearing aid was chosen, one that best corrected my hearing loss. Now I hear money & newspaper crinkling agin, also i never knew my car made a chirping noise, when locking with remote. I am a very satisfied customer,  Thank to Dr Lemme. "
~ T.G. Ritchey

"I am very pleased with the experience of hearing sounds that I had forgotten about. I just did not realize how much I was missing. Thank you for providing this wonderful equipment. My thanks also goes to lord Jesus. "
~ Blair Loffer

"I have had 5 different hearing aids over the last 30 years. Each one has been an improvement over the one before. The last one I received in Nov. 2012 from Lemme Audiology. The improvement is the best I have had. I highly recommend the experience. "
~ Duane Koelle

"I purchased hearing aids from Lemme Audiology a few short months ago and was very pleased with their service. The aids I purchased were a great improvement to my hearing. I would mention at this time that I damaged my aids and had to go to them for replacement. They were very helpful in my replacement; and fitting the new ones. The staff at Lemme’s store are very helpful at all times. I and my sister have purchased our aids there. She as well as me are very well pleased with their products & service. Sincerely, "
~ Robert E Buchanan

"I am very pleased with the service’s I received after the purchase of my hearing aids. I would recommend them if you have a hearing problem.   Thanks Lemme Audiology. "
~ V.D.