Sennheiser RS135 RF TV Listening System


The lightweight RS 135 lets you enjoy freedom of movement without cumbersome cables. The headphones come complete with an easy-to-use recharging system. After use, simply place the headphones onto the convenient transmitter base station and it will automatically recharge for the next use.

Easy to set up, simply plug the transmitter in, and connect the audio cable to an analog output (RCA or headphone plug), its that simple.

The transmitter also features a convenient automatic on/off circuit: when you activate your audio source, the transmitter powers on without switches or buttons…easy! Five minutes after your turn off your audio source, the transmitter shuts off to conserve power.The three position channel selector allows you to choose an interference-free channel for clear reception— even through walls and ceilings.

Wireless freedom & stereo sound with reception through walls and ceilings up to 328 feet.

Simple, built-in recharging.

Detailed, warm sound reproduction with strong bass response•Open-Aire design for hi-fidelity audio reproduction.

Volume, on/off and tuning control located on the headphone.

Very lightweight headphones are comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Replaceable earpads for long service life.

Charging stand stores the headphones when not in use.

Transmitter can be wall-mounted.

Supports the use of multiple headphones receiving the RF signal from one transmitter (use HDR 120).

Delivery includes transmitter, power cable, audio cable and headphones.

Connects to RCA jacks (red and white outputs), 1/8″ and 1/4″ headphone sockets (anything with a headphone jack including laptop and desktop computers!).

3 selectable transmit-channels for avoiding interference and/or using more than 1 transmitter in a room.

(2) AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries included.

2-year manufacturers warranty.

Compatible with set-top DVD & Blu-Ray players, DVR’s, satellite receivers, a/v receivers, laptops, mac/PC, MP3 players, LCD, Plasma and standard televisions that feature RCA outputs (red and white outputs) and/or 1/8″ and 1/4″ headphone sockets.


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