Unisar DH900 RF TV Listening System


The 2.4GHz wireless Unisar DH900 TV amplifier listening system with under-the-chin stethoset-style headset receiver is designed to wirelessly enhance sound from your TV and other audio sources. The TV amplifier’s headset receiver features a mute button that turns off sound from the DH900 transmitter and turns on the built-in microphone for amplifying conversations around you.

2.4GHz wireless RF (radio frequency) digital technology (mono or stereo)
Headset mute button turns off sound from transmitter and turns on built-in mic for amplifying conversations around you
External microphone for listening to someone talking without having to remove the headset receiver
Volume control
4 tone settings
Balance control
Compartment for charging extra battery
One year manufacturer’s warranty

DH900 TV amplifier receiver and transmitter base
2 rechargeable batteries
2 earbuds
External microphone
Connection cables


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