Yes, through something called bone conduction! It’s a way of hearing that skips your ear canal. Instead, vibrations go straight to your inner ear through your skull bones. Your skull acts like a natural sound conductor. When something vibrates, like a speaker, those vibes travel through your bones to your inner ear. Your brain turns these vibes into sounds.

This bone conduction idea is handy for making hearing aids and headphones. Hearing aids using bone conduction can help some people with certain types of hearing loss and even ear disfigurements hear better. Bone conduction headphones let you listen to music and other things without having the need to cover your ears.

It’s not perfect though. The sound might not be crystal clear for you, and it works a bit differently for everyone. But bone conduction technology is a fascinating part of science and it just might bring more interesting changes to how we hear things!

Maddie Myers – Lemme Audiology Associates Extern

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