Sometimes, conversations on cell phones can lead to frustration. Not understanding what the other person is saying, the other person sounding garbled, background noise interfering with the conversation…So, to help you have better conversations on your cell phone, we have come up with a few cell phone hearing tips you might want to try out the next time someone calls you.

Earbuds. Using earbuds during a phone call gives you the ability to hear the conversation with both ears. Ear buds can also help  limit the interference of background noise.

Speaker phone. Using the speaker phone on your cell also give you the ability to hear the conversation with both ears. We suggest using this option while you are at home or in a private setting. Using speaker phone while you are in the grocery store might raise some eyebrows from people near you depending on the conversation.

Video phone calls. Being able to see the speaker while they talk can greatly improve speech understanding. You will be able to see the movement of the speaker’s mouth and facial expressions while they speak.

Stream your calls. If your hearing aids are able to stream your cell phone conversations directly to your hearing aids, use this feature. Your conversations will be much easier to understand.

Positioning. If you wear behind the ear hearing aids, you need to hold your cell phone at a different angle and a little higher than normal. While wearing this style of hearing aid, sound enters the unit that sits behind your ear before it gets fed into your ear canal. So, instead of positioning the speaker of your phone to your ear canal, try positioning it to the part of your hearing aid that sits behind your ear.

To find out how hearing aids can help you better understand conversations, or for more cell phone hearing tips, call our office at (814) 941-7770 to schedule a consultation with one of our Audiologists.

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