After delivering your baby, he/she will undergo a Newborn Hearing Screening (NBHS). NBHS are now a standard of care in all hospitals. The purpose is identity early onset hearing loss. If hearing loss is detected in the NBHS, the severity and type of hearing loss must be determined as well as best treatment plans. Ideally, a child with permanent hearing loss should receive intervention such as hearing aids/cochlear implant as early as possible, along with early intervention services. The sooner the hearing loss is detected and treated, the less likely your child will struggle with development of speech and language.

In 2014, 96.1% of babies born in the United States had their hearing screened before 1 month of age (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2016), and 6,163 infants were diagnosed with permanent hearing loss. (

If your baby passes his/her NBHS, this does not mean they cannot develop hearing difficulties over time. Most school districts do routine hearing screenings. If your child reports that he/she is having trouble hearing, please contact your nearest audiologist to schedule a comprehensive hearing evaluation for your child. Our three locations gladly welcome children of all ages. If you would like to schedule a hearing evaluation for your child give Lemme Audiology a call at (814) 941-7770.

Ashlee McCloskey, Au.D.

Emmy McCloskey, daughter of our own Dr. McCloskey, passing her NBHS

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