You can now find over the counter “OTC” hearing aids on our website or at any one of our three locations. Click HERE to check them out!

Why did we choose to sell OTC hearing aids now? 

After we did a lot of research, we felt comfortable offering the Sennheiser All Day Clear OTC hearing aid to those who perceive they have a mild to moderate hearing loss. This hearing aid is a good OTC hearing aid that you can self-fit and program at home with your computer or smart phone. But, if you find you are unable to this yourself at home, you can spend a little extra and we can program this hearing aid for you with your hearing loss. This is something we can not do with any other OTC hearing aid that you buy online, from a pharmacy or at an electronics store. We can also show you how to insert and maintain this hearing aid.

The self-fit Sennheiser All Day Clear OTC hearing aid is one way you can have control over your hearing aid. But we are always available if you need a little assistance with it or if you need a more precise fitting with a prescription hearing aid – just give us a call at (814) 941-7770 to schedule an appointment.

Jill Gardner

Director of Operations for Lemme Audiology

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