Anyone with tinnitus can also suffer from very mild to server hearing loss.  Hearing aids can be a life changer for the person suffering from both. Sound distracts your brain from hearing this internal noise.

Many people who suffer from both find relief with their tinnitus with just wearing amplification (hearing aids) along with improvement in hearing. The sound masks the ringing from your brain.

If the amplification is not quiet enough for the tinnitus, many hearing aids come with sound generator programs at no additional cost. This address’s both hearing loss and tinnitus. The sound generator can play sound stimuli such as white or pink noise or many fancy the non-repeating fractal tones. You can wear both amplification and sound stimuli at the same time, or you can just listen to one at a time.

Like I said this is a game changer to be able to wear the combination of the hearing aid and sound generator. So, the answer to the best hearing aid for your tinnitus is………….one with a sound generator.

If you’d like to experience better hearing with a sound generator to mask your tinnitus, just give us a call at (814) 941-7770 and schedule a demo appointment!


– Jill Gardner, Director of Operations for Lemme Audiology

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