There are about six major brands of hearing aids. In no order-Phonak, Widex, Starkey, Oticon, Resound and Signia. Looking at their outsides, all the hearing aids that each of these manufacturers make look the same.

BUT, each has their proprietary software controlling how they manipulate sound and each of the above brands have something unique to offer:

  • Phonak has a software that takes a sound (Hz) you no longer hear no matter how loud and changes it to a sound (Hz) you can hear.
  • Starkey offers a fall alert and health sensors.
  • Oticon software has a feature that balances soft and loud sudden sounds.
  • Resound offers an additional microphone on the receiver in the ear style.
  • Widex has the program Zen for tinnitus.
  • Signia has ready fit hearing aids for in the ear.

BUT, the manufacture is not the most important part of buying a hearing aid. You need an audiologist that can program your unique settings and get the best performance out of the hearing aid for you. You also need an experienced provider to show you how to use and care for your new aids as well as  counsel you on expectations on what you are about to hear.

Make the decision easy. Call (814) 941-7770 and schedule with one of our audiologists to take the work out of guessing which is best for you.

– Jill Gardner, Director of Operations for Lemme Audiology

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